Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

In the coming weeks, you will be asked to continue your membership with MERIT Saskatchewan and to transition your employees over to the new Saskatchewan-based plan, SCIP.

Being a MERIT Saskatchewan member is about more than just benefits.  We understand your needs, your marketplace, and we work hard to make your life as a contractor easier.

Continuing your membership with MERIT Saskatchewan will demonstrate your support for your home province and will ensure you have ongoing access to

  • Open shop advocacy to ensure a fair an level playing field for ALL contractors in Saskatchewan
  • Education bursaries to support your apprentices
  • Annual Wage and Compensation Survey results
  • Quality training programs to build the skills of your workers
  • Networking events including our renowned MERIT Awards of Excellence
  • Ongoing communication about important issues that are relevant to you as a Saskatchewan open shop contractor
  • A network of your peers in Saskatchewan’s open shop construction sector

Combine all of these services with a team of professionals located in Saskatchewan and dedicated to Saskatchewan members’ needs.

Nobody knows the needs of  our provincial contractors better than MERIT Saskatchewan!