The New Plan

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What is SCIP?

The Saskatchewan Construction Industry Plan (SCIP) is a made-in-Saskatchewan group benefits plan, owned and operated by MERIT Saskatchewan, and offered only to members of MERIT Saskatchewan. It’s designed with the needs of Saskatchewan contractors in mind with coverage and pricing that will improve the competitiveness of your business.

SCIP Highlights

  • Options are now available! SCIP offers three tiers of coverage on the hour bank plan. And if the hour bank doesn’t work for you, we can design a custom plan that will!
  • In house, personalized customer service specialists located in Saskatchewan assisting only Saskatchewan members and their employees.  Our dedicated call center will be located in Saskatoon
  • Merit Saskatchewan controls design, pricing, management and administration of the plan which means we can offer our members more flexibility and choice
  • Portability between Merit employers will still be available, allowing employees to bring their hour banks with them when changing employers
  • auto remit function for hour bank for reduced administration

Coverage Options

  • an hour bank plan with 3 tiers of coverage
  • traditional office plan
  • additional insurance products such as “key man” insurance policies or critical illness coverage
  • top up policies to increase your LTD and life insurance coverage
  • Independent Plan for individuals whose hour bank and self pay options have run out
  • Retiree plan
Read more in our SCIP Brochure