We know you have lots of questions.  Check out our FAQs and if you still have questions, EMAIL us.

About the SCIP Plan

What is the Saskatchewan Construction Industry Plan (SCIP)?

The SCIP is MERIT Saskatchewan’s new benefits plan to replace the existing Merit Alberta owned benefit plan.  The SCIP will be owned and operated by MERIT Saskatchewan. By taking control of the design, pricing, management and administration of the plan, MERIT Saskatchewan can provide you with more choice and more flexibility in the benefits you offer your employees, as well as faster and better customer service.

How is the SCIP different from the plans my employees are on now?

The SCIP is a plan that works for you and your employees, now and into the future, with your best interests in mind. Here are some of the ways we’re different:

  1. OPTIONS…you can choose from three benefit plan options for the coverage that best suits your needs:
    • Standard Plan - lesser coverage for those that want it
    • Enhanced Plan - same coverage as what you have now
    • Platinum Plan - a premium plan with 100% dental and prescription
  2. Even if your company reduces to only one employee, you can continue your membership.
  3. Our plan will be serviced by Saskatchewan employees, located in Saskatchewan, and dedicated to the needs of our Saskatchewan members.
What is the price of the new SCIP? Is there any guarantee of rates in the future?

There's lots of variables in pricing a benefit plan, so we recommend you contact our office for a quote.  Our base rates are lower than what you are paying currently however, for the same coverage.

Is the SCIP an hour bank plan?

With the SCIP, you will have the option of both an hour bank plan and an office plan.  The hour bank plan will follow the same general criteria as the existing hour bank plan, with flexibility and user-friendly options built in.

Is there an offering for my office employees on the SCIP?

SCIP includes coverage under a non-hour bank plan for office employees.   In addition, through our benefits partner, you will now have access to just about any insurance product so you can ultimately decide what is best for you.

Will SCIP be portable among Merit members both inside and outside of Saskatchewan?

The SCIP will be portable among all employers that carry the plan in Saskatchewan. We are also in the process of arranging for portablility with other provinces that carry similar plans throughout Canada, including British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Ontario.

About switching to the new SCIP…

If we switch to the new SCIP, will we still receive the same benefits of being a Merit Saskatchewan member such as tuition refunds, training, advocacy, etc?

By switching to the SCIP and maintaining your MERIT Sask membership, you will be able to access all of the many services that Merit Saskatchewan offers.

What are my choices if I decide not to switch to the SCIP?

Of course, we recommend that you continue your MERIT Saskatchewan membership and transition your employees to the SCIP plan.  If you choose not to do that by September 1, then your general membership with us will be discontinued.  You may decide to stay on as an Associate member.  If you change your mind after that date, we will always welcome you back as a member and you would then be able to access the SCIP and the other services we provide.

If I don’t switch to the SCIP, does that mean my employees will no longer be able to be on the Merit Alberta plan as well?

We can't say what options Merit Alberta will offer you as that will be their decision.  We are happy to help you transition your employees to a Saskatchewan plan but, unfortunately, we will not be able to advise or assist you if you choose to get benefits coverage other than through the SCIP.

About administration and remittances…

What kind of paperwork will I have to do if I want to switch?

Enrollment will be made easy by our in-house team of benefits professionals ready to help you and your employees, and by a simplified onboarding process designed to make the move to the SCIP as smooth as possible. We’ll provide the necessary forms for you and your employees to complete - either online with digital signatures or on paper - and we'll be there to assist every step of the way.

Will there be assistance provided to help me make the switch?

We will be your partners (and your best friends) during this transition period.  We want to make this as painless as possible for you, so our team, located in Saskatchewan, will be 100% dedicated to helping you.

Will I have to get my employees to sign new enrollment cards?

Yes, there will be some administration that needs to be done, including re-enrolling your employees.  However, we will work with you to ensure everything is completed in a timely way.  And the big advantage is that you’ll have the security of knowing that all of your employees’ information is completely up-to-date.

Will I have to kickstart our current employees by buying 300 hours to get started?

There will be no kickstart required for existing employees that are in benefit, and they will not fall out of benefit during the transition.  To ensure no disruption in coverage, employees who were covered by the old plan will only need 150 hours to qualify for coverage under the SCIP.  New employees will have to qualify by having 300 hours in the bank before they are in benefit.

Can I still do my remittances online?

No more awkward MVOS to deal with!!!  Simply populate the remittance Excel template with the hours worked for each employee and upload the completed file to your online account.  For both the hour bank and the non-hour bank plans, payment can be made by pre-authorized payment or cheque.

I have employees in the office plan. What is the process for submitting premium payments for benefits coverage?

Premiums are due on the first of each month; we will invoice you approximately one week in advance.  Payment can be made by cheque or pre-authorized debit.

About my employees' coverage...

What will happen to the hour bank balances of my employees if I choose to switch to the SCIP?

We know the hour bank is an important asset to your employees, so we've developed a solution to ensure those hours aren't lost in the transition.  Contact us for more details.

Will any of my employees fall out of benefit when I change plans?

No, there will be no interruption of coverage as a result of terminating your old plan and moving to the SCIP for employees that are in benefit at the time of transfer.

Will my employees be able to have online accounts to look at their hourbank balances?

Yes, employees will have the same access to online information as they have now, but in a more user-friendly format.  There will be an app to submit claims, and a portal to check hours.

Who will we/employees call to answer questions or for assistance?

A call centre, located in Saskatoon and dedicated to our Saskatchewan members, will be the hub for all employee and employer questions.  You can reach us at 1-844-MERIT4U.

How many hours will new employees need for their benefits to start?

Employees transferring over will only need 150 hours to become in benefit.  NEW employees (ones that aren't in benefit at the time of transition) will need 300 hours or the kickstart to become in benefit.

Will yearly allowances for dental, vision and paramedical start over at the date we change to the new plan? (ie: will our amounts go back to zero and start over?)

Any employees moving over to the new plan will have their yearly limits re-set.  In other words, you could get twice as much coverage in the year of transition – one from the old plan, and one from the SCIP.  This would NOT apply to any claims that are in process, such as orthodontics.